Borderstream Books- new world literary publishing

Borderstream Books was founded in November 2017. Before it, PostMistress Press was founded in 2013, and Arts Features International was founded in 2003, as an arts writing business by writer Ruth Skilbeck. Together they now comprise a one-woman publishing outfit. As well as her own books, she has also published pamphlets by contributors to the journal she founded, Arts Features International. But with a less than zero budget she cannot afford to pay for contributions and is not paid for the work she does designing, editing and publishing the books and journal. Anything made from sales of books goes towards covering the high costs of production. She hopes that this might change in the future, and it is her aim for writers and artists to be paid at least a small amount for their contributions to the journal, and for her publishing house to become self sustaining, so that she can continue to publish significant works by independent authors and artists.

Borderstream Books

is a new publishing imprint that publishes literary books, and a literary arts and culture journal. The books and journal can be found in the Borderstream Books shop, in online bookshops and in some independent real world bookshops, and libraries.

Borderstream Books

is starting to publish literary psychological fiction, fugue fiction, speculative fiction, novels, short stories, mystery stories,  memoir, non-fiction, essays, critical studies, arts research and artists' books, with a focus on human rights and environmental issues, interior life, psychological and social themes, migration, exile, expatriates, and inner and outer journeys in space-time. The inaugural issue of Arts Features International literary journal was published in 2018, and the plan to date is to publish it four times a year.


Arts Features International is open to submissions. You can send proposals for essays, articles, stories, poetry and art contributions to

Book sales are what keeps this going, and are very welcome. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Arts Features International, it is a pleasure to publish your works.