Borderstream Books- new world literary publishing

Borderstream Books was founded in November 2017 by author Ruth Skilbeck, whose books include Café Life in the Antipodes (2018), The Writer’s Fugue (2017; 2016), and Arts Features International Issue 1, Winter 2018: ‘Escape Artists Anthology’ (editor). We are based in Australia and publish works by authors in urban, regional and rural Australia and across the world.

Borderstream Books

is a new publishing imprint that publishes literary books, a new literary arts periodical, and an anthology. The books are available for purchase here, and in online bookshops.

Borderstream Books

is starting to publish literary psychological fiction, fugue fiction, speculative fiction, novels, short stories, mystery stories,  memoir, non-fiction, essays, critical studies, arts research and artists' books, with a focus on interior life, psychological and social themes, migration, exile, expatriates, and inner and outer journeys in space-time. The inaugural issue of Arts Features International literary magazine was published in August 2018, as an edited book featuring a new volume of Escape Artists anthology.


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