POETIC MEMOIR. A Brief Guide to Middle Class Homelessness (paperback) by Kenneth Wolman with a preface by Ruth Skilbeck


POETIC MEMOIR. A Brief Guide to Middle Class Homelessness (paperback) by Kenneth Wolman with a preface by Ruth Skilbeck


“Kenneth Wolman’s memoir essay is an immersive account and reflection on his life and experiences in his year of homelessness, aged seventy, in men’s shelters in Paterson, New Jersey. It reflects in a confessional style on what led to his descent, what he learned from his experiences and what saved him.” Ruth Skilbeck, Preface.

A literary memoir by Kenneth Wolman, New York City-born poet, who found himself homeless on the streets aged seventy, despite his PhD, publications, and years as a technical writer; and Adjunct Instructor ('casual academic' in Australian parlance). Wolman reflects on his time in shelters, to make meaning from his ‘season in hell’ and to warn readers of how it happened. Wolman's gripping memoir, A Brief Guide to Middle-Class Homelessness, will be published in Escape Artists Anthology with works by authors and artists from around the world.

In 1987, Kenneth Wolman’s critical opinion article on homelessness was published in The New York Times. Twenty-five years later he himself became homeless after marriage breakdown, and the end of his adjunct teaching and technical writing contract employment in financial services companies on Wall Street. In his critically and culturally significant literary essay, poet Kenneth Wolman, PhD, tells the moving story of his year in men’s shelters in Paterson, New Jersey, aged 70, reflecting on his experiences in social and psychological context. His memoir is published with a preface, in a pamphlet.

This is a damning indictment of the selfish corruption and greed of the times we are living in and the ruthless power of corporate capitalism which is designed and manipulated to benefit a few at the top, as one banking and financial services scandal and crisis after another repeatedly shows. When will this stop?

A Brief Guide to Middle Class Homelessness

Author: Kenneth Wolman,

First published as a paperback on 22 Sept. 2017

ISBN: 9780648099031 (paperback- PostMistress Press)

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